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Mat & Scot in their Cloudkitchen (2020)

Photo credit @hubertsphotoarcade

In 2016, Marinate was established in East Hollywood, California.  After a not so successful attempt in bringing an international fast food franchise to the states, business partners, Mat & Scot (yes, with one "T" in their name and no they aren't related!) decided to branch out on their own.  Marinate arose from a humble brick and mortar on the corner of Melrose and Western. Their secret is old school pressure cooking, just like grandma used to cook.  The result? Meat that is tender, juicy and perfectly craveable.


In 2018, a kitchen fire derailed their plans for expansion as they saw their dreams literally go up in smoke.  With a thriving catering business, they quickly pivoted and moved into a Cloudkitchen.  Everything was moving along smoothly... then Covid hit.  Overnight all of their catering business disappeared.  With no other options, they packed up their kitchen and placed all their equipment in storage.  After four months of quarantining, due to the Covid situation, they stumbled upon an available property that happened to be in one of Los Angeles’ prime hot spots. Miraculously, during the middle of Covid, Mat and Scot, signed a 10 year lease at their ultimate dream location.  Now they are in the lively West Hollywood! Completely owner operated, they are truly a “mom and pop” business. Everything is made with love by Mat and Scot.


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